Chateau La Foret (B)

img_1608The visit to Chateau La Foret is the most exciting urbex experience I’ve had so far. This beautiful chateau is not only the most beautiful urbex locations at this moment, it is also the most impossible locations to visit. I had this location high at my wishlist for a long time and two weeks ago we were finally succeeded entering the building.

This chateau is probably the best guarded and most secured urbex locations in Belgium. The caretakers make several check rounds a day and all doors and windows are well secured.

Two weeks ago we had an urbex weekend planned. We planned to try this location first and had several backup options. To increase our chances, we wanted to make sure we were on location at first daylight. I left from home at 3:45 and arrived at 7:00 at the castle. We had been given a tip for a possible entry, but we soon found out that the door in question was locked. We made several rounds around the chateau and even tried the sewer to gain access. No luck so far, until I discovered a door that was covered by wooden bars, which gave just enough way to slip between them. I found my way in and from there to find a way to let the others in. That took more than half an hour as most doors inside were locked and it was hard to find a way through the chateau, but I finally succeded.

While I was looking for a normal way to enter and leave the building, three other urbexers joined us. Inside we split up again and exchanged phone numbers for just in case. We weren’t in for more than half an our when the caretakers arrived. At first there seemed to be no issue, until they apparently discovered my entry point (although well closed after entering). The caretakers spent about an hour further closing the entry point and dumping wooden blocks in the pit at the door.

Somehow the caretakers must have spotted us, because at some point the decided to remove the barriers and enter the castle. We were at the ground floor at that time and missed the alarm SMS that was sent to us. We stayed inside for more than half an hour, without knowing that the care takers were inside. The other group decided to leave as soon as the care takers entered. The door we used to have the groop enter was firmly locked from the inside, so the care takers must have known that the other group was inside. We had to leave as well, because we had a meeting planned with other urbexers. With the care takers just one floor above us we managed to open the escape door and leave the chateau without getting caught.

It was a thrilling experience with double feelings. We’re very happy we made it into and out of the castle safely and we have taken some beautiful pictures. The down side is that we know that our visit was the last visit for the upcoming months. The other team returned several hours later, discovering that the chateau was even more locked down than before.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken during our visit. There is so much to see in this gorgious castle, that you can spend multiple days inside and still haven’t seen all it’s beauty. As always, feel free to leave your comments.

10 thoughts on “Chateau La Foret (B)

  1. Beautiful location. I find it unfathomable that families have abandoned these Chateaus, leave family heirlooms behinds, let them fall apart… yet still keep them in the family and pay the taxes…

  2. This place is just unbelievable! So hauntingly beautiful…. it makes no sense to me why it is sitting there. Where did the people go? It is like they vanished. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT… very very cool structure

    Thanks for the pics!

  3. hi

    Adore this location!! Wet dream of every urbexer ;-)

    Do you have any notes about the history of this castle? I saw a calender of 1998… why did the inhabitants leave everything behind? Even their personal things… Has anything happened there?

    It keeps me busy … I won’t ask for the location, ’cause I know it will be kept a secret… just want to know the history ;-)


  4. Not meaning to offend but you have several misspelled words and broken grammar in your story. It is a beautiful place but I don’t agree with the B&E.

  5. Hi,
    you have a very nice website,nice picture’s.
    I would like to visit Chateau La Foret,bud I nowhere find the adres.
    Can you please help me with it? Thanks a lot!

  6. hi, im an urbexer to,

    Could you send me an indication about finding the castles ?
    The name of the village or anything else.


  7. superfotos… ik snap wat je bedoelt…ben je er onlangs nog geraakt…
    we zijn er geweest maar niet binnen… en hebben dus niet zo n prachtige fotos als jij kunnen maken… super… ook al een idee van de staat ervan binnen…

  8. Thanks for posting these pictures for us to enjoy. I have been exploring urbex websites for the last year and am just not coming across yours. Imagine my delight! I’ve seen pictures of lives abandoned like these you post, but its the kids rooms that always tug at my heart. You can’t help but wonder what happened to this family to just…. leave everything. So many questions that will never be answered as time stands still in this amazing Chateau.

    Well Wishes!

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